Previous Events

Previous Events:


26th September 2022: GARS Webinar Accounting for aviation non-CO2 Impacts in the EU ETS

16th August 2022: Workshop on Airport Charges, Bremen City University of Applied Sciences – Program

15th-16th September 2022: Research Workshop Single European Sky and Resilience in ATM, Sofia

09/06-12/06/2022: GARS Junior Research Workshop & Summer School, Bremen – Workshop Program – Summer School ProgramPresentation Download JRWSPresentation Download Summer SchoolPhoto Gallery

08/06/2022: GARS Workshop Aviation and the Environment, Bremen – Final ProgramResults Press Notice – Paper & Presentation Download


01-02/12/2021: EAC 2021 “Getting real about climate change and aviation: Economics & Policy for this decade” – Conference LeafletConference WebsiteICS Calendar File for Outlook

29-30/11/2021: Aviation Management and Economics Conference, Online – ProgramICS Calendar File for Outlook

18/11/2021: 4th Workshop on “Aviation in Africa”, Online – Workshop Agenda

22-23/09/2021: Research Workshop in cooperation with BalticFAB, Vilnius Tech and FABEC: Climate change and the role of air traffic control, Vilnius – Call for PapersInvitationPress Release (German)

16/09/2021: EAC Webinar “Decarbonising Air Transport: Acting Now for the Future.” – Webinar Program

02-04/07/2021: 2nd GARS Online Summer School – Download of PresentationsVideo Recordings

30/06-01/07/2021: 18th GARS Junior Research Workshop – ProgramVideo Recordings

16/06/2021: EAC Webinar “Aviation and Climate Change: Given What We Know Today, What Should Europe Do Tomorrow?” – Final Program

20/04/2021: 9th GARS/EAC Online Panel Discussion – COVID-19 – challenges for regional airports – Program

17/03/2021: Joint Webinar on Regional Airports – Youtube Video


11/11/2020: AMEC Online Panel: Covid, Air Transport and Regional Development – Program

12/11/2020: EAC Online Panel: Getting real about aviation emissions in the Covid crisis – Program

13/11/2020: AMEC Online Panel: “COVID-19 Crisis: What is happening to Aviation and Regional Development in Southern and Eastern Europe?” – Program

21-23/10/2020: Online Research Workshop “Interdependencies within ATM -Performance in the context of a dynamic environment – AgendaInvitation

15/09/2020: 8th GARS/EAC Online Panel Discussion: “Covid-19 – where is aviation now?” – ProgramYoutube Video

23/06/2020: 5th GARS/EAC Online Panel Discussion – ATM Reform and COVID-19 – Program

6th/7th/8th June 2020: G.A.R.S. Online School – Program Download of Presentations

5th/6th June 2020: G.A.R.S. 18th Aviation Student Research Online Workshop – Program

4th June 2020: Online Workshop Aviation in Africa – Program

G.A.R.S. Online Panel Sessions in cooperation with Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

14th April 2020: 1st G.A.R.S. Online Panel Discussion – The Coronavirus Outbreak: An Unprecedent Shock for Aviation — What Now? – ProgramVideo Recording

27th May 2020: 2nd G.A.R.S. Online Panel Discussion
The Coronavirus Outbreak & Aviation Bailouts: Pragmatism, Policy, Politics – Program

4th June 2020: 3rd G.A.R.S. Online Panel Discussion – COVID-19 and African Aviation – Program

9th June 2020, 8:30am-10:00am CEST: 4th G.A.R.S. Online Panel Discussion Covid-19 and Trade War: Boom or Bust Situation for Air Cargo? – Program

Online Research Seminar Series by Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

27th April 2020, 17:00-18:00 Hong Kong Time: Optimal Use-it-or-lose-it Rules for Airport Slot Management with Achim Czerny, Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityRecording

29th April 2020, 17:00-18:00 Hong Kong Time: Competition in Congested Service Networks with Application to Air Traffic Control Provision in Europe with Nicole Adler, Hebrew University, JerusalemRecording

5th May 2020, 17:00-18:00 Hong Kong Time: From Silver to Platinum: The Effect of Frequent Flier Tier Levels on Airline Demand with Jos van Ommeren, Free University AmsterdamRecording

7th May 2020, 10:00-11:00 Hong Kong Time: Airline Mitigation of Propagated Delays via Schedule Buffers: Theory and Empirics with Jan Brueckner, University of California, Irvine Recording


7th/8th November 2019: 8th European Aviation Conference “Pricing in Aviation: Issues and Innovation”, Vienna – Program

6th November 2019: 1st Aviation Management and Economics Conference, Vienna

30th October 2019: 4th Workshop Benchmarking of Public Utilities, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, Preliminary Program

1st July 2019: 16th Aviation Student Research Workshop, Amsterdam – Call for Papers – Program Photo Gallery

23rd/24th May 2019: Konferenz Verkehrsökonomik und -politik – General Call for PapersG.A.R.S. Sessions Call for Papers 

14th/15th May 2019: Workshop on Fragmentation in Air Traffic Control, Budapest – Call for Papers

18th/19th March 2019: Final Conference COST Action Air Transport and Regional Development (ATARD), Las Palmas – Conference FlyerProgramATARD School


8th/9th November 2018: 7th European Aviation Conference “Ownership and Privatization of Airports, Airlines and Air Traffic Control: Getting it Right”, Athens – 2018 September EAC News2018 October EAC NewsEAC2018 Program

6th/7th November 2018: COST ATARD Workshop, Athens – Workshop Travel Information – Workshop Program

2nd November 2018: Benchmarking of Public Utilities III, Bremen – Program

6th/7th September 2018: COST Workshop on Air Transport and Regional Development – The impact on economy of hub airports operation and infrastructure development, Poznan – Call for PapersOrganizational Information

22nd/23rd June 2018: G.A.R.S. Junior Researchers’ Workshop, Bremen – Preliminary Program

21st June 2018: G.A.R.S. Workshop “Aviation in Africa”, Bremen – Preliminary Program

14th/15th June: G.A.R.S. Sessions at Konferenz “Verkehrsökonomik und -politik”, TU Berlin – Program

15th/16th May 2018: Research Workshop on Volatility in Air Traffic and its impact on ATM Performance, Warsaw – ProgramYoutube Video

19th/20th April 2018: COST ATARD Workshop, Ruse, Bulgaria – Program


20th/21st November 2017: Benchmarking of Public Utilities II – Workshop at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen – Program

15th/16th November 2017: COST-ATARD Workshop “Drivers of Air Transport for Development of Core and Rural Regions in Europe”, Dublin

13th/14th November 2017: 6th European Aviation Conference “European Aviation Liberalisation at 30 Years: A Net Gain? What of the Future?, Dublin – Conference Website

6th September 2017: G.A.R.S. Workshop @ DLRK in cooperation with Bauhaus Luftfahrt, TUM and DGLR, Munich – Program Download of presentations

3rd / 4th July 2017: 14th Aviation Students’ Workshop / G.A.R.S. Workshop on Aviation in Africa, Amsterdam – Workshop WebsiteCall for PostersPreliminary Program

7th-9th and 12th-15th February 2017: ATARD Training School on Aviation / Methodologies to evaluate the impact of air transport on regional development

10th / 11th February 2017: Air Transport and Regional Development COST Workshop, Bergamo


6th December 2016: Yield Management in Airline and Rail Industries, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – Program

17th/18th November 2016: Fifth European Aviation Conference, Amsterdam – September Newsflash

15th/16th November 2016: G.A.R.S. Workshop prior to the European Aviation Conference, Amsterdam – Program

6th/7th October 2016: Joint Workshop in co-operation with Airbus and DLR “Forecasting Air Transport”, Cologne – Final Program

1st/2nd July 2016: G.A.R.S. Junior Researchers’ Workshop, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen – Program

30th June/1st July 2016: G.A.R.S. Workshop “Aviation in Africa”, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen – Program

4th June 2016: G.A.R.S.@ILA, Berlin Schönefeld Airport – Program

2nd and 3rd June 2016: G.A.R.S. @ Konferenz Verkehrsökonomik und -politik, TU Berlin – Program

29th-31st March 2016: G.A.R.S. and COST Workshops in São Miguel / COST Action “Air Transport and Regional Development” – COST Workshop Final Program

29th February/1st March 2016: “Current issues of aviation economics and policy”, Workshop organised by the German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S.) in cooperation with Worms University of Applied Sciences – Final Program


19th/20th November 2015: Fourth European Aviation Conference, Cranfield University – Conference WebsiteConference Program

17th/18th November 2015: 2nd COST Workshop on the Relationship between Air Transport and Regional Development, University of West London (17 November) and Cranfield University (18 November) – Workshop Program

13th November: Workshop “Benchmarking of Public Utilities”, University of Applied Sciences Bremen – Program

5th/6th June 2015: Junior Researchers Workshop, Amsterdam

3rd/4th June 2015: COST Workshop Air Transport and Regional Development

24th March 2015 – Air Cargo Workshop, Paris