Upcoming Events

Upcoming G.A.R.S. Events:

16/09/2021: EAC Webinar “Decarbonising Air Transport: Acting Now for the Future.” – Webinar AnnouncementRegistration LinkICS Calendar File for Outlook

22-23/09/2021: Research Workshop in cooperation with BalticFAB, Vilnius Tech and FABEC: Climate change and the role of air traffic control, Vilnius – Call for PapersInvitationRegistrationPress Release (German)

29-30/11/2021: Aviation Management and Economics Conference, Online – Conference Announcement and Call for PapersICS Calendar File for Outlook

01-02/12/2021: EAC 2021 “Getting real about climate change and aviation: Economics & Policy for this decade” – Conference LeafletConference WebsiteICS Calendar File for Outlook

November/Dezember 2022: Aviation Management and Economics Conference, Heilbronn

November/December 2022: European Aviation Conference, Heilbronn