Working Groups

The board of G.A.R.S. has decided to implement working groups that should promote specific topics. The main purpose of the working groups:

– Organization of workshops
– Publication of GARS books
– Research projects

As of now, the following working groups have been formed:

Working Group Topic Organizer(s) Contact Email
Africa Eric Njoya
Davide Scotti

Aviation and the Environment Bill Hemmings
Regulation Peter Forsyth
Air Transport & Regional Development Hans-Martin Niemeier  
Strategy & Management Jörg-Stefan Fritz  
Air Traffic Management Marina Efthymiou
Frank Fichert

Aviation and Tourism Neelu Seetaram


Please contact the working group organizers if you want to contribute. If you would like to support G.A.R.S. with a working group on another specific topic, please contact Frank Fichert ()