Working Groups

The board of G.A.R.S. has decided to implement working groups that should promote specific topics. The main purpose of the working groups:

– Organization of workshops
– Publication of G.A.R.S. books
– Research projects

As of now, the following working groups have been formed:

Working Group Topic Organizer(s) Contact Email
Africa Eric Njoya
Gianmaria Martini

Forecasting Sven Maertens
Ken Button

Regulation Peter Forsyth
Air Transport & Regional Development Hans-Martin Niemeier  
Strategy & Management Jörg-Stefan Fritz  
Air Traffic Management Marina Efthymiou
Frank Fichert


Please contact the working group organizers if you want to contribute. If you would like to support G.A.R.S. with a working group on another specific topic, please contact Frank Fichert ()