G.A.R.S. Workshop in co-operation with IATA “The Effects of Air Transport on the Economy – How can we Evaluate Them?”

G.A.R.S. Workshop in co-operation with IATA “The Effects of Air Transport on the Economy – How can we Evaluate Them?”

IATA Executive Office, Geneva, Switzerland, 11th/12th November 2013



Lars Rognlien, Steer Davis Gleave, London, UK
Economic impacts of aviation – findings from recent research in UK and New Zealand

Jonathan Gillham, PwC London UK
On the link between aviation growth and GDP

Sam Moore, Oxford Economics, UK
The use of macro-econometric models to measure economic effects

Mike Tretheway and Ian Kincaid, InterVISTAS Consulting Inc. Canada
Catalytic Economic Impacts of Aviation: The effect of investing in aviation infrastructure and services on national productivity: results and causality issues.

Eva Cronrath, University of Mannheim, Germany
The airlines’ boom and bust cycle challenges the economic benefits of air transportation

Peter Forsyth, Monash University Melbourne Australia
The Economic Benefits of Tourism

Ruowei Chen, Zheng Lei, Cranfield University, UK
Airport Dominance and Airline Pricing Power: An Investigation of Hub Premiums in Chinese Domestic Market

Alessandro Nicita, UNCTAD, Switzerland
Global Value Chains -GVCs: trade and development implications

Ben Shepherd & Jean-Francois Arvis, Developing Trade Consultants/World Bank, USA
The Air Connectivity Index: Measuring Integration in the Global Air Transport Network

Ellie Evans, Volterra Partners, London UK
Analysing the economic impacts of High Speed Rail: lessons learned

Ofelia Betancor, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and FEDEA Spain
The role of wider economic impacts in the assessment of transport infrastructure investments in Europe

Tim Hazledine, University of Auckland, New Zealand
The Wider Economic Benefits of Auckland International Airport: separating fact from fantasy

Dieter Bogai, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung, Germany
Employment impacts of major infrastructure projects – The case of the airport Berlin-Brandenburg

Kenneth Button, George Mason University USA
The Economic Implications of Air Traffic Control Reforms in Europe

Volodymyr Bilotkach, Newcastle University UK
Are Airports Engines of Economic Development? A Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Christian Essling, ifo Institut, Germany
The Economic Importance of Aviation Evidence from Germany

Brian Pearce, IATA
Wider Economic Benefits – An industry perspective