G.A.R.S. Junior Research Workshop 2012

G.A.R.S. Junior Researchers’ Workshop

15th/16th June 2012 – University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany



Fuel Hedging in the European Airline Industry
Sandra Stich, University of Applied Sciences Bremen – Presentation

The influence of price discrimination from airports on the route development behavior of airlines
Daniel Schnitzler, Siegen University – Presentation

The Economic Impact of Inbound Tourism in Kenya: A CGE Analysis
Eric Njoya, University of Applied Sciences Bremen – Presentation

Game Theoretic Analysis of the Slot Allocation at Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt
Wolfram Greiner, Leipzig Graduate School of Management – Presentation

Quantifying Prediction Errors Induced by Anti-Cartel Policy in the Air Cargo Industry
Boris Oestmann, University of Applied Sciences Bremen – Presentation

How Customer Choices can Drive the level of Airport Efficiency: An Examination of Spanish Airports
Ane Ripoll Zarraga, Keele University – Presentation

Internalizing the environmental externalities of the global aviation fleet
Nicola Volta, University of Bergamo

Investigation of the flight product dynamic choice problem – Preliminary results with simulated respondents
Uzi Freund-Feinstein, Israel Institute of Technology – Presentation

Different perspectives of analyzing the safety level in the Russian Federation
Sébastien Arbour, University of Applied Sciences Worms – PresentationPaper

Small regional airport sustainability: Lessons from benchmarking
Tolga Ülkü, Humboldt University Berlin

Modelling network structures of Cargo Airlines with AirTrafficSimXtended
David Geissler, IWW, KIT, Karlsruhe University – Presentation

Airport terminal optimization under a FIFA World Cup load – an operations research allocation model
Martijn Verhees, Delft University of Technology – Presentation

The impact of airline strategic objectives on fuel efficiency
Tobias Döring, Darmstadt University of Technology – PresentationPaper

On the price structure of non-congested airports
Karsten Fröhlich, University of Applied Sciences Bremen – Presentation

Determinants of air traffic delays – Empirical evidence on the influence of airlines’ network structure
Patrik Baumgarten, Münster University

Airlines’ strategic interactions and airport pricing in a dynamic bottleneck model of congestion
Hugo Silva, VU University of Amsterdam – Presentation

Optimal scheduling of agents with different qualifications at airport check-in counters
Emilio Zamorano de Acha, University of Mannheim – Presentation

Airport Capacity Allocation in Networks and Airline’s Strategic Behavior
Claudio Noto, University of St. Gallen – Presentation

Performance Analysis of Slot-based Appointment Scheduling for Truck Handling Operations at an Air Cargo Terminal
Axel Franz, University of Mannheim – PresentationPaper

Organizational Theory, Strategy and Firm Performance: Explaining Economic Outcomes in the Airline Industry
Adél Németh, Jacobs University Bremen

Taking Price Dispersion into Account in Demand Estimation: Airline Bankruptcy and Consumer Surplus Change
Hwa Ryung Lee, University of Zurich – Presentation

Benchmarking Airports by their Profitability Frontier – The case of selected European and US airports
Branko Bubalo, HWR Berlin – PresentationPaper

Analysis of the AENA Privatization Process and the Effects for Airport Key Stakeholders
Katharina Müller, University of Applied Sciences Bremen – Presentation

Accessibility measures and flight schedules: An Application to the European air transport
Claudia Hesse, Dresden Technical University – Presentation

The Impacts of (Air) Transport on Regional Production Potential: Empirical Evidence from Germany
Florian Allroggen and Raimund Scheffler, Münster University