Current Issues in Aviation Workshop Monash University 2011

“Current Issues in Aviation”

GARS Down-Under Seminar

6th and 7th July 2011 at Monash University in Melbourne- Australia


Papers and Presentations:

Hans-Martin Niemeier (University of Applied Sciences, Bremen – Germany)
“Vertical Structure of Air Transportation: Problems for Competition and Regulation” PaperPresentation

Alexandra Leipold (German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – Germany)
“Key Performance and Sustainable Development Indicators: A promising Way to build up a monitoring system for Aviation Development” – Presentation

Steffen Weidner (TU- Berlin – Germany)
“A balanced Approach for environmental friendly Take-off and Departure Procedures in the Vicinity of Airports” – Presentation

Florian Allrogen (University of Münster – Germany)
“Market Power of Hub Airports: Does Downstream inter-network competition reduce the need for economic regulation?”

Tim Hazledine (Auckland University – New Zealand)
“Airport Size and Scheduled Flight Times”- Testing the hypothesis of diseconomies of airport size due to longer time spent on the ground taxiing” – Presentation

Dieter Wilken (German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – Germany)
“A global Assessment of Airport Capacity Constraints of 200 Airports”

Peter Forsyth (Monash University, Melbourne)
“Light handed Regulation and Investment – The case of Sydney Airport” – Presentation

Kai Hueschelrath (ZEW Mannheim – Germany)
“Patterns and Effects of Entry in U.S. Airline Markets” – Presentation

Andreas Wittmer (University St. Gallen – Switzerland)
“Comparing Airline Network Structures: The case of Australia”

Peter Meincke (German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – Germany)
“The System Role of Air Freight for the Economy and in the Transportation”

Uzi Freund-Feinstein (Technion Israel, Institute of Technology – Israel)
“An Investigation of the flight product dynamic choice problem – methodology considerations

Rico Merkert (Cranfield University – UK)
“Managerial perception of contracts and efficiency of subsidised air service providers in Europe”

Adél Németh (Jacobs University, Bremen – Germany)
“An assessment of the synergies and the success of cross-border airline mergers and acquisitions in Europe”

Tobias Huld (University of Münster – Germany)
“International Bilaterals as Barriers to the Information of Efficient Airline Size by Mergers and Acquisitions”

Annela Anger (Cambridge University – UK)
“The effects of using CDM Credits AS a part of the inclusion of the aviation industry in the EU ETS”

Mehmet Özmen (Monash University)
“Estimating Pass-through of Fuel Costs as a Proxy For Carbon Taxation Responses”