Air Cargo – Policy and Processes”, Conference 2011

“Air Cargo – Policy and Processes”,

Conference organised jointly by the Wildau Institute of Technology, the University of Applied Sciences Wildau and G.A.R.S.

20th October 2011 – Wildau University of Applied Sciences, Germany



Will Terrorist Attacks on Air Cargo Have an Impact on World Trade?
Thomas Biermann, WIT / Wildau University of Applied Sciences

Air Cargo Market and Facilities in Berlin
Torsten Jueling, Berlin Airports

Air Cargo 2030+ ‐ Between Globalisation, Customer Behaviour and Environmental Regulations
Annika Reinhold, Bauhaus Luftfahrt
Axel Becker, Airbus Operations
Peter Phleps, Technical University Munich

Management Strategies of Air Cargo Carriers – A Typology from Carpet Sellers to Stars
Wouter Dewulf, University of Antwerp
Hilde Meersman, University of Antwerp
Eddy Van de Voorde, University of Antwerp

How Should ETS Costs be Allocated Between Cargo and Passengers on Joint Air Services
Peter Morrell, University of Cranfield

Studying Origin and Destination Market Supply by Air Cargo Alliances
Florian M. Heinitz, Erfurt University of Applied Sciences
Peter A. Meincke, DLR

The Airport Choice of Freighter Operators in Europe: Insights from a Discrete Choice Analysis
Franziska Kupfer, University of Antwerp

Beyond Supply-Chain Optimisation: Implications of Electronic Documentation on the Air Cargo System
Verena Charlotte Ehrler, DLR

Study on the Balanced Approach to Noise Management and its Influence on the Economic Impact of Air Transportation

Melanie Murphy, DLR
Hansjochen Ehmer, DLR
Alexandra Leipold, DLR

Is There a Market Potential for the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Air Cargo Logistics?
Lars Gundlach, WIT – Wildau Institute of Technology