Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

14th/15th May 2020: Research Workshop “Interdependencies within ATM -Performance in the context of a dynamic environment, Rome – Registration Website

4th June 2020: Workshop Aviation in Africa, Bremen – Call for Papers 

5th/6th June 2020: G.A.R.S. 18th Aviation Student Research Workshop, Bremen – Call for Papers 

18th/19th June 2020: G.A.R.S. @ Konferenz Verkehrsökonomik und -politik, Berlin – Call for Papers

8th/9th July 2020: G.A.R.S. Down Under II – Workshop in cooperation with Griffith University, Brisbane – Call for Papers

11th November 2020: Aviation Management and Economics Conference, Heilbronn – First Announcement/Call for Papers

12th/13th November 2020: European Aviation Conference “Aviation, Climate Change Dynamics & Environmental Policy”, Heilbronn – Save-the date notice