Upcoming G.A.R.S. Events:

14th June 2017: Workshop Human Resource Management Challenges in Global Aviation, Wildau Institute of Technology / Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences, Wildau – Call for Papers

3rd / 4th July 2017: 14th Aviation Students’ Workshop / G.A.R.S. Workshop on Aviation in Africa, Amsterdam – Workshop Website – Call for Papers

6th September 2017: G.A.R.S. Workshop @ DLRK in cooperation with Bauhaus Luftfahrt, TUM and DGLR, Munich

13th/14th November 2017: 6th European Aviation Conference “European Aviation Liberalisation at 30 Years: A Net Gain? What of the Future?, Dublin – Conference Website

15th/16th November 2017: COST-ATARD Workshop “Drivers of Air Transport for Development of Core and Rural Regions in Europe”, Dublin

Special Announcements:

16/052017: IUBH Aviation Seminar 2017, 23rd June 2017 in at University of Applied Sciences, Bad Honnef – Announcement in EnglishAnkündigung in Deutsch

19/04/2017: Long-distance passengers transport: market, planning, innovation, Workshop at the Politechnico di Milano, 28th/29th September 2017 – Call for Papers

03/03/2017: Call for expressions of interest of Young Researchers to participate in COST Action TU1408 on Air Transport and Regional Development (ATARD)

22/02/2017: Konferenz “Verkehrsökonomik und -politik”, TU Berlin, 29th and 30th June – General Call for Papers / Aviation Call for Papers

18/07/2016: Call for Expressions of Interest for Short Term Scientific Missions – COST Action Air Transport and Regional Development

09/06/2016:Meeting minutes of the annual general meeting 2016 (In German / Access for Members only!)