Upcoming G.A.R.S. Events:

15th/16th November 2016: G.A.R.S. Workshop prior to the European Aviation Conference, Amsterdam

17th/18th November 2016: Fifth European Aviation Conference, Amsterdam – September NewsflashOnline Registration

Special Announcements:

05/10/2016: Upcoming events at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / Aviation Academy

26/09/2016: INAIR 2016 – International Conference on Air Transport, Vienna, 10th/11th November 2016

26/09/2016: Job Ad – Aviation Sector Analyst – NORD/LB – Hannover

18/07/2016: Call for Expressions of Interest for Short Term Scientific Missions – COST Action Air Transport and Regional Development

09/06/2016:Meeting minutes of the annual general meeting 2015 (In German / Access for Members only!)