Upcoming G.A.R.S. Events:

March 2016: G.A.R.S. Workshop in São Miguel in combination with COST Action “Air Transport and Regional Development”

June 2016: G.A.R.S. Junior Researchers’ Workshop

15th November 2016: G.A.R.S. Workshop prior to the European Aviation Conference, Istanbul

16th/17th November 2016: Fifth European Aviation Conference, Istanbul

Special Announcements:

15/12/2015: 11th Aviation Management Conference 15th January 2016 in Amsterdam – Conference Website

24/07/2015: Meeting minutes of the annual general meeting 2015 (Access for Members only!)

24/07/2015: Call for Papers Benchmarking of Public Utilities, City University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, Germany, 13th/14th November 2015